FinansInvest Igor Surovyy英語の迷惑メール 正体はマネーミュール求人募集
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企業名 FinansInvest LTDIgor Surovyy を名乗る英語表記の迷惑メール(スパムメール)が不特定多数にバラ撒かれてます。
Extra job in Japan
Job in Japan
Job offer in Japan
Work proposition in Japan
We are seeking for employees in Japan
We're looking for employees in Japan
Firm is looking for employees in Japan
Second income in Japan
Company's searching for employees in Japan
Employer value proposition in Japan
We beg your pardon for bothering you.
I am writing to you on behalf of "FinansInvest" firm. This company represents the interests of its members at most of the prominent stock exchanges.
Our firm is expanding its staff amount and is looking for fresh members in Japan to establish further cooperation in your region. This job is an offer of a part-time job. It means that if you are interested in it you can answer to or

Best regards,
Igor Surovyy
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